Water treatment

1. Water treatment and filtration 2. Water analyzes 3. After drilling realization 4. Pumping and filtration technology 5. Installation and reconstrucion of home wastewater purifiers 6. Locksmith work 7. Varnishing

1. Water treatment and filtration

Water treatment is a process that improves the quality of water to make it appropriate for a specific use. Water treatment is appropriate for almost any water source, whether it's natural source or recycling of used water. We are able to satisfy almost all customer water quality requirements.  Production of drinking water follows public health law, which defines values of individual atributes and appropriate technology is set according to that. 

Our company practically deals with all kinds of treatment as water softening, iron and manganese filtration, filtration of rough and soft dirt, chemical dosage, nitrates removing, UV light or chemical water desinfection etc. 

Water treatment process:



Getting know customer´s requirements is best at the place of our work. We make a detailed scan of the enviroment followed by area overview to plan how will  the future water treatment be managed. We need to find out all the useful information so we can evaluate the situation. 

Accredited water analysis


Undesirable substances, which must be removed, are needed to be detailly identified by proffesional laboratory analysis. This and all the related actions are made by laboratory sample assistant. Evaluation is a matter of course.

Projecting water treatment


The way of filtration or removing undesirable substances is defined according to previous analysis results. It´s created in the way in which the treatment components will suit the area. 

Realization and following treatment


The project is turned to reality and treatment is installed by experts to a designated place. After that comes launching, setting adequate operating values and function testing of installed components. It is accomplished with control sampling of treated water. We also provide following treatment - spare parts delivery, regular service, service inspections etc.


2. Water analyzes

We perform sampling and provide analyzes according to customer requirements. Frequency and range of drinking water testing is related to the Decree No 252/2004 Coll., drinking water has parametres set by Public health law 258/2000 Coll. We also provide sampling and wastewater analyzes primarily at home wastewater purifiers.  

Our accredited laboratory sample assistant comes to agreed appointment at designated location and according to prescribed procedure takes required amount of substance to prepared samplers. Samples are taken to accredited laboratory for analysis by our assistant. 

Do you need to know, if the water in your well or a borehole is harmless? Or to find out, what is the source of turbidity, smell or bad taste? Contact us.

3. After drilling realization

Is it necessary to put a water pump to the drilled well and access the water source?

We manage all the borehole and well equipment installation including wiring. Appropriate water pump is chosen and placed to the shaft according to its depth and consumption. Water pump control with depth scanning probes, that prevent running the water pump without water, pressure switches or floating valves are a matter of course. 

The whole complex is tested and handed over as completed and functional. After instalation we offer warranty and post-warranty service.

4. Pumping and filtration technology

Did the water pump stop working? Does it turn off the fuses? Dirt goes through the filter? Filter doesn't capture substances for which it is made for?

Give us a call, we will manage machine repairing or provide new one from our suppliers for a good price. We manage new filtration body filling and will be happy to replace it. You don't need to take care of anything, just  give us a call and we will do the rest.

5. Installation and reconstruction of home wastewater purifiers

Bad wastewater purifier analysis results? Wastewater purifier does not do its job? Does it smell? In the first place we recomend the service of your purifier provided by our company. One of our technician will check air circulation settings and sludge emulsions. He will measure melted oxygen in the activation tank, evaluate the amount of sewage treatment sludge and eventually correct settings of the cleaning processes. In the end he will evaluate overall status and suggest possible adjustment. All the components has different longevity and need to be replaced after some time, especially aeration elements, because their perforation is eventually reduced and oxygenation and bacterial cultures activation are decreased. Due to that final cleaning is not completed and there is a problem to deal with.

Our company provides installation adjustments and reconstruction of home wastewater purifiers. Contact us.

6. Locksmith work

We provide a wide range of locksmith work. We weld steel constructions and weldments using MIG/MAG and TIG method. TIG method is used for stainless steel welding and we can also weld high pressure piping. All these services are done by regularly trained and certified technicians.  Contact us.

7. Varnishing

As our products for marine industry respond to high surface quality standards, we have our own varnish room ready for your products! Varnish room with 8 x 12 dimensions offers comfortable place for spatially challenging construction varnishing but it is perfect for varnishing of small items too. For the perfect surface of your articles contact us.

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