Our company provides qualified and complete service of water managment devices, especially devices related to water treatment. Our operations include warranted, post-warranted and also one time service actions. Therefore high quality of services and customer satisfaction are our priorities, we regularly educate and improve ourselves in the way to fulfill them.  

Service range is very wide, so be sure to contact us in case of any service incident. We are ready to respond almost immeadiately. Because our specialization is reverse osmosis systems production, we provide service, manufacturing and adjustments of these devices


  • Emergency service
  • Full water and borehole managment equipment provision, etc.
  • Repairs and reconstructions of borehole settings, well settings, technological units as water treatment units, home wastewater purifiers, dosing units and devices and more. 
  • Technological passports and effective unit operation suggestions
  • Service and repairs of reverse osmosis systems
  • Drinking and wastewater analyzes
  • Calibration of chemical probes
  • Machine and device diagnostics and repair providing
  • And more

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