Marine industry

Reverse osmosis

Our company produces reverse osmosis with a wide range of production capacity  from 2,4 m³/day to 1050 m³/day. We also realize adjustments and service of existing devices including home reverse osmosis systems. 

Reverse osmosis systems are manufactured in two types. First type are reverse osmosis systems for shipping industry, where seawater is desalted right in the engine room and then enriched on the rebound, so it fulfills drinking water standards. Second type are industrial reverse osmosis systems producing demineralized water for a wide range of uses, these devices operate with smaller pressures than they do with seawater. 

Our devices are spatially and efficiently designed according to customer preferences.

Reverzní osmóza


Due to permeate qualities of reverse osmosis when pH is low, is necessary to increase pH up to its neutralization. It is also needed to enrich the water with minerals that were lost and increase its hardness with calcium carbonate. 

Enriching stations of demineralized water are manufactured in a wide range capacity. Their capacities are adapted to the amount of mineralized permeate.


Dosing unit

For chemical injection we make dosing units with dosing pumps, tanks and applicable reagents. With these units is possible to adjust pH, enrich water with mineral salts, desinfect, dechlorinate and more. We also provide service and calibration of these devices including delivering spare parts as probes, dosing pump parts etc., for more information (website). 

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