Marine industry

Reverse osmosis systems, mineralizaton and dosing units manufacturing.

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Water treatment

Where there is water, there is life.

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Why cooperate with us?

Our company operates on the market more than 20 years. We have been focused on water treatment since the company founding. We treat saltwater and freshwater. Seawater is turned into drinking water, our biggest interest are cruise ships cruising all around the world . Freshwater is treated according to any customer´s requirements. Thanks to long-term experience  we can provide variety of services.

Water treatment procedure



Getting know customer´s requirements is best at the place of our work. We make a detailed scan of the enviroment followed by area overview to plan how will  the future water treatment be managed. We need to find out all the useful information so we can evaluate the situation. 

Accredited water analysis


Undesirable substances, which must be removed, are needed to be detailly identified by proffesional laboratory analysis. This and all the related actions are made by laboratory sample assistant. Evaluation is a matter of course.

Projecting water treatment


 The way of filtration or removing undesirable substances is defined according to previous analysis results. It´s created in the way in which the treatment components will suit the area. 

Realization and following treatment


The project is turned to reality and treatment is installed by experts to a designated place. After that comes launching, setting adequate operating values and function testing of installed components. It is accomplished with control sampling of treated water. We also provide following treatment - spare parts delivery, regular service, service inspections etc.

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